Legitimate Work From Home Jobs In South Africa

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs In South Africa

Money makes the world go round and if you’re looking for a legitimate work from home job, you probably need a bit more.

Whether you’re looking to travel more, quit your full-time job, need to pay expenses or you are a full-time stay at home parent, working from home is now a viable solution.

Legit work at home jobs in South Africa used to be rare and hard to find and most of the jobs online where scams. Luckily these days these scams are easier to spot and legitimate platforms have been created online to help people like you find a legitimate job online.

As a South African it’s always a bit harder to get access to these opportunities, but with these platforms, it’s possible and relatively easy to start earning money from home if you live in South Africa.

If you’re looking for legitimate work from home jobs in South Africa, have a look at our list of legitimate online jobs below. All the jobs on the list could earn you a nice income from home.

The Best Legitimate Work From Home Jobs In South Africa

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are the secretaries of the internet. As a virtual assistant, you will usually perform the same task at home as a secretary would do at an office.

This would be tasks like answering emails, doing research, organising tasks and sometimes delegate and manage other employees.

If you gain experience and work on your skills you could become the right-hand person for your employee and often make good money working from home.

New virtual assistants could earn between R50 – R150 per hour and experienced virtual assistance with specialised skills can earn up to R1500 an hour.

Data Entry

With a data entry job, you will need to add, update and maintain information.

This involves finding the data from different sources, arranging and filtering the data and then adding them to a new source, usually an excel spreadsheet.

You will need to be able to pay attention to detail as accuracy is one of the most important aspects of data entry jobs. Some jobs will pay you per hour while others will pay you per job.

It’s not a high paying job to do from home, but there are many available.

Web Research

Most companies need information like contact details of businesses or lists of prospective clients but don’t have the time to do it them self.

It’s an easy job to do from home and you don’t need experience or a specific skill to start. It’s also not a high paying job, but you can find a lot of advertised web researched jobs on Upwork.

Customer Service

With the increase in online shopping, the amount of available customer service jobs has also increased. It was one of the first legitimate work from home jobs available.

You can work for bigger companies like Amazon that offer long contracts and benefits or smaller companies which you can find on Upwork or Fiverr.

For most of the customer service jobs, you will need to be able to work between 8 – 5 and have access to a phone or high-speed internet.

It can be a very lucrative job with pay ranging between R100 – R350 per hour. Just make sure you have the patience, attentiveness and communication skills to deal with difficult customers.


Transcription jobs are another easy job to do from home. A company will give you a video or audio that you need to transcribe.

It’s a great job to do in your spare time or if you’re only to work a few hours a day.

Project Management

Remote project management is becoming quite popular. You don’t need to go to the office to manage projects anymore.

These days there is a wide variety of project management software a business can use to manage their projects, people, and workload.

You can specialise in a certain industry like content management for websites or engineering but for most project management jobs that you can find on Upwork, you won’t need any specialised skills.

If you have some experience in managing projects you should be able to find a wide variety of jobs on Upwork and People Per Hour.

Live Chat Agents

Live chat is a tool that business use on their websites to offer live support to customers. As a live chat agent, you will need to communicate with the customers with the LiveChat tool.

Most companies will offer some sort of training before you start, but you will need to be able to work during the day. The pay can range from R50 – R250 per hour depending on your experience and employer.

Social Media Marketer

If you know everything about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other social media networks you can turn this into a full-time job you can do from home.

If you are creative and have great communication skills then you will find it easy to get a job as a social media marketer.

Your paycheck as a social media marketer will depend on your employee but it can range between R150 and R500 per hour.

Marketing Strategist

Online businesses rely on marketing to attract customers and spread the word about their brand and products or services.

The planning of this marketing and where to focus their money and time isn’t that simple.

If you have good market awareness, long-term thinking, and good planning skills then you’re a perfect fit for a stay at home career as a marketing strategist.

You can find great work at home opportunities for a marketing strategist on Upwork.

Blog & Article Writing

If you love writing and want to use it to make some money online from home you have two options. You can start your own blog or write for businesses’ websites.

If you want to start earning from day one then writing for other people as a freelancer or on a contract is the better option. If people like your writing you could be employed as a permanent writer.

Excellent writers can earn between R30 000 and R50 000 per month.

Editing And Proofreading

If you are excellent in grammar, spelling and have exceptional writing skills then you can pursue an online career as an editor and proofreader.

You can earn at least double that of content writers, but the pressure is also twice as much.

Copy Writer

Copywriting is a much harder writing skill than a content writer. You will need to be able to unlock emotions and sell products with words. Copywriting is mostly used for advertising, email campaigns and landing pages.

If you have this skill you can earn up to R15 per word. It doesn’t sound like much, but most online advertisements are between 50 and 200 words. That could be a paycheck of R3000!

Top Platforms You Can Use To Find Legitimate Work At Home Jobs

Finding a legitimate work from home job can be difficult if you don’t know where to look for them. Luckily there have been a growing number of platforms created on the internet to find these jobs.

They are controlled by the company to ensure both the client and you as the employee is protected and not scammed out of your money.

Below is a list of the three best platforms you can use to find legitimate jobs you can do from home in South Africa:


Upwork is by far the biggest platform for freelancers. It is such an easy platform to use and there is plenty of job opportunities available ranging from web designers, content writes, customer support and project management.

You can get paid per hour or per project and you are free to negotiate this with your client.

Most online business uses Upwork to employ freelancers on a permanent contract, so if you are looking for something more permanent then you should use Upwork.


Fiverr works a bit different than Upwork. On Fiverr, you need to create your profile and advertise your skills or offer. Potential clients will then browse the different profiles and choose the one they want to work with. It’s free to join as a freelancer.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is another platform you can use to find online job opportunities in South Africa. As a freelancer, you will start off by creating your profile with your skills, preferred jobs, and pay rate.

Potential clients will either browse through profiles and select one or they will advertise a job.

You can apply for jobs that are advertised in the same way you would do for a normal job offering. You can also find a permanent contract with People Per Hour.

Final Words

So hopefully you’ve seen that there is quite an impressive amount of legitimate jobs available to do at home, even if you live in South Africa.

You should remember that there are many benefits working from home but it doesn’t mean it’s easier than a normal 9-5 job. There is a lot of competition, so you’ll need to find a way to stand out.

The great advantage of living in South Africa and using the 3 platforms mentioned is that you can charge a lot less than freelancers living in America or the UK.

Use this list of legitimate work from home jobs in South Africa to start your new independent journey to financial freedom. Working from home is a great way of taking charge of your work to life balance.

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